Open Division: Coronavirus Hack

Hey! This is the author, Cole Gawin. This case study was written a while ago as a submission to a local hackathon project. At the time, I was actively developing and maintaining the Aspect project. However, it is no longer available—as such, many of the links may be broken or not work. This post solely exists for a glimpse into a solution I had once proposed to solve the issues with today's social media. I hope you find the project interesting! If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to me.


My name is Cole Gawin, and I am a freshman at Deerfield High School. Aspect is a project I have been working on since March, and I think it will have a great impact on our society for the better, both during and after the current pandemic.

⭐ Submission Details

My project is a social network called Aspect. It's mobile app counterpart is called Aspect Hub. It's purpose is to solve the problems of today's social networks. Aspect will help everyone better maintain a social connection from a distance.


Title: Aspect

Category: Open Division: Coronavirus Hack

Type: Software (social media)

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