<aside> 👉 The Near Miss Game, with a modern refresh updated for 2021. How low can YOU go?


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Near Miss is a game of mathematical strategy. Your task is to create a number, using the given digit boxes on the right, that is as close to the number on the left. Click the "+ NUMBER" button to load a new number, then add that number into any empty digit box. As the game moves along, you will have to strategically place numbers into digit boxes to get as close as you can to the number on the left. Any misplaced digit can cost you later on!

Watch out, no cheating! You can't change a digit box once a digit is entered. You can only undo one entry at a time in case you make a mistake.

<aside> 💬 Also try playing "Far Miss", a variation of the near miss game where you try to get as far away as possible from the number on the left!